Are You A Tattoo Artist Affected By COVID-19 ???


  Due to COVID-19 our world has changed before our eyes. We are in unprecedented times so we have to take unprecedented measures to make sure everyone around us is being taken care of. That is why Got Ink? Wants to help shine a light on our tattoo artist community. Like many jobs in these times tattoo artist have been directly impacted from the virus and the immediate shutdown of business that followed.

   Tattoo Artists have been considered "non essential" workers & have been without work & income for some as early as March 13th 2020. Many artist do not qualify for unemployment through their state due to them being a 1099 or similar filing status. Even though there has been stimulus packages put in place to change that, these packages have not favored many tattoo artist in time or enough to provide for their families.

  Tattoo Artist are obviously the backbone of the tattoo industry and without these artist lets face it there would be no tattoos. In times like this remember that Tattoo Artists outside of their job's are just like you, they are Mothers, Fathers and the head of their households as well. Tattoo Artists love their clients and supporters and in these times, some of those artist could really use their help.


If you are a Tattoo Artist Affected By COVID-19

 Follow These 3 Steps and Got Ink? will do everything that we can to provide you with financial aid during these troubling times. 

Tattoo Artist Qualifications

 *Must submit valid BBP certification & Local Health Dept Licensing in order to be put on the list to receive funds.

 *Must donate a form of artwork which will be raffled to donors in exchange for their kind gestures to help our tattoo industry through hard times. Artwork Example: Flash sheet, small paintings, drawings, small woodwork etc. (please attach your business card to you artwork)

 *Post on your social media about the Got Ink? Tattoo Artist Relief Program.*This program is not state or government funded, it is 100% funded by donations from tattoo clients and tattoo supporters alike, if your following doesn't know this program exist this program won't work effectively. If you're a Tattoo Artist in need of help we fully encourage you to post on your social media about this program.



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